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The company was founded in 2007 as Nesne Elektronik Tasarım (Nesne Electronics Design) providing design services for electronics based systems and products. Our team has been active in various areas of product design and development since 1994 under the parent company Nesne Tasarım (Nesne Design) restructured to to create Nesne Elektronik Tasarım ve Danışmanlık (Nesne Electronics Design and Consultancy).

Nesne Electronics has evolved to create its own line of product portfolio through research and multinational collaborations in addition to its original function as a provider of custom product development solutions partner.

INTEL-LINE: Intelligent  monitoring system for safer and efficient high voltage overhead power transmission line  maintenance.


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ARROWS: Archaeological Robot Systems for The World's Seas

arroes project.png

EFISHENT: Improvement of feeds and feeding efficiency for seabass in cage farms in the Mediterranean.


NETWAVE: The project is aimed at preventing algae in cages in fish farms and It is an intelligent farming system based on ultrasonic wave use and with IoT applications.


NETBUGGY: Net cleaning system for fish cages.

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